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5 Ways to Save on Your Power Bill Over Summer

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17 DECEMBER 2018

5 Ways to Save on Your Power Bill Over Summer

“Why is my power bill so high in summer?” You may have caught yourself asking this question – and there are a few easy answers.

We typically think of winter as the most expensive season when it comes to our power bills. But if we’re not careful, we could end up with a sneaky and expensive summertime power bill, too! Between holiday festivities, guests staying over, and cooling costs, the bill for summer can quickly get out of hand if you’re not careful.

Today we will be discussing six ways you can save on your power bill over summer, so you aren’t stuck dealing with a mountain of bills!

1. Cut back on using your home ventilation or heat pump to cool your home. 

Across the year, heating and cooling your home generally accounts for about half of all energy costs. Of course, you may not have home ventilation, or a heat pump that can cool your living room. Regardless, you don’t need to bake indoors – through keeping windows and doors open across the home, especially when there is a breeze, you can create cross-drafts that pull through hot air and replace it with cooler air.

2. Keep blinds and curtains drawn during the day – especially if you are out. 

Forget about giving your home a creepy, boarded-up look… your comfort and power costs are more important!

One of the bigger drivers of internal heat in the home is sunlight. Well-lit homes are always great to be in, but in summer they heat up, fast. Keeping your blinds or curtains drawn during the daytime, when the sun is at its strongest will go a long way towards keeping your home cool.

3. Take the party to the beach, park or camp! 

You may be in the position where you have to provide entertainment for your extended family and guests – yet you may not be in a strong financial position to carry the strain of entertaining. However, when you take the party outdoors not only do you get to enjoy the great New Zealand outdoors – you’ll also avoid taxing your hot water cylinder (a massive power sink), or having your fridge opened every 2 minutes for more beer! It may sound silly, but little things add up over time. Plus, you could have a great day at the beach or lake instead!

4. Wash your clothing with cold water, and dry clothes outside in the sun. 

Washing and drying your clothes can be a tremendous power sink. Particularly the dryer – removing water from clothes requires lots of heat and time, so if you dry often, costs can mount. However, drying your clothing outside in the summer is a viable, and very convenient, option.

5. Turn off appliances at the wall 

While most of us think that turning off appliances and keeping them plugged is harmless, current still flows through, using up standby power. TVs, stereos, game consoles, and computers should be unplugged – these are generally the biggest energy vampires. Off should really mean off!

And just as a little reminder – turning lights and fans off when not in use should with energy conservation too.

Need some summer bill help? Speak to one our awesome Superloans team today

Summer should be fun and stress-free, and Superloans wants to give you all that, plus the financial freedom to take charge of your life this summer. While prevention is always better than cure, sudden costs can catch the best of us by surprise. If you are struggling with your power bills contact us today, or come into one our convenient locations, to talk about how we can help out.

Either way, have a great summer!

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