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Earn Extra Cash Quickly with These Four Simple Strategies

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27 JUNE 2019

Earn Extra Cash Quickly with These Four Simple Strategies

There are a million reasons why you might need fast cash. Perhaps your income has suddenly decreased. Perhaps a family emergency has wiped out your savings. Perhaps you just haven’t budgeted as well as you probably should have. The real issue isn’t why you need the money, however. The real issue is how you’re going to get it!

Fortunately, we live in a dynamic and exciting world where opportunities can be found around every corner by those who are willing to look. Be creative with your talents and your resources and check out our top four strategies for generating some extra cash in a hurry.

Four strategies for fast cash

1. Personal Loans

The quickest and easiest way to generate some much-needed cash is to borrow it. Rather than sell off some of your cherished items, you could use them instead as collateral for a secured pawn loan, protecting your credit score and keeping your interest rates down. If your credit score is preventing you from borrowing at favourable rates, you might consider a bad credit loan to get cash now and protect your future borrowing potential. Savvy, responsible borrowing can benefit you in more ways than one!

2. Sell on Trade Me

In the old days, any of your unwanted, obsolete, or otherwise outgrown items at home would need to have been sold in a garage sale. This requires hours of time and effort and attracts only the interest of your neighbours. In the digital age, however, your items can be viewed and purchased by anyone in New Zealand in the time it takes to snap a photo and craft a Trade Me post! Declutter your home and collect better prices for your unwanted items than you would have received from the pawn shop across the road.

3. Moonlight as an Uber driver

If you have a car, a clean record, and some idle hours in your week, then you have everything you need to become an Uber driver! Uber is a great example of how the 21st Century sharing economy can be leveraged to earn extra cash. You can go into business for yourself, making your hours and using your own vehicle, while enjoying the structure, visibility, and security of an established brand.

4. Take paid surveys online

You’ve probably heard of them in the past and dismissed them, but paid online surveys remain a viable opportunity to supplement your full-time income with some pocket money. With consumer trends as important as ever, digital marketers continue to rely heavily on surveys to measure market interest and trajectory. Many survey companies pay cash for completing surveys. Others offer coupons or other deals. Either way, the surveys themselves are quick and easy and the money is real.

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