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The Christmas Savings Code Cracked

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22 NOVEMBER 2023

The holidays are just around the corner, and before you know it, the tree will be up, and the family will be singing along to all those rockin’ Christmas Carols! Life, bills, and the addition of the jolly holidays sometimes mean costs quickly add up. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Not only do we provide financial support, but we’ve also got a few handy tips to help bring some of the Christmas costs down this year.

Gift Homemade
While I’m sure Nan loves her annual scorched almonds, there’s nothing that Nan appreciates more than something made especially for her by the grandkids. Whether it’s the timeless macaroni photo frame, a personalized mug, or a hand-painted tote bag, you’re guaranteed to be the favourite when the gift is made with love.

Bonus tip: Tired of the other half asking for massages, back rubs or that favourite dinner that takes a day to prepare? Join the kids and make personalized gift vouchers for the hubby or missus to redeem throughout the year. Though it’ll cost you in time later, it won’t be breaking this year’s Christmas budget. 

Take Advantage of Having Siblings
As annoying as brothers and sisters can be, they do come with some perks. So, why not get the siblings to chip in for Mum and Dad's present this year.Not only can you save some dollars on gifts, but sharing the cost makes it easier (and less costly!) to spoil the parents even more this year.

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint.
If you’re one of us whose Christmas celebrations span the week, fitting everyone can be a challenge. However, there is a silver lining  - shop for those that you’re seeing after Christmas, after Christmas! Yes, it means braving some of that Boxing Day chaos, but with 50% off here and 2-for-1 deals there, the chaos’ well worth it.

Shop Super Deals
Speaking of present shopping, our #salessuperstars are working around the clock to bring you the best of our Super Deals leading up to Christmas. From electronics to jewellery, to power tools and more, there’s a present for everyone and with bidding starting at just $1, you could say we’re kick-starting our ‘boxing day chaos’ early.

Spend Smarter, not Harder.
Whether it’s Onecard, Flybuys, or Airpoints, now’s the perfect time to cash in those points that I’ve been building up throughout the year. From fuel vouchers to food vouchers, you can put on the Christmas feast you had in mind without worrying about exceeding your Christmas budget.

BYO Christmas Lunch
Grocery prices have been rising lately, but the cost of living doesn’t have to mean a Christmas crisis! Consider a potluck or BYO plate family Christmas, and not only will that lessen some of the financial weight, but it will also mean less time for the host in the kitchen and more time celebrating with the whanau!

It’s no secret that Christmas can be expensive, but with a bit of savvy spending, creativity, and the support of a personal loan, you can enjoy the jolly holidays without worrying about your wallet taking the hit. Apply online or see one of our friendly teams today and get cracking on having a Merry Christmas!

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