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Superloan Terms & Conditions

Explore Superloans Terms & Conditions for clarity on our loan services. These important guidelines detail what we offer and your responsibilities as a borrower. We recommend thoroughly reviewing them to understand your loan agreement fully. For any questions or further explanations, our team at Superloans is ready to assist you.

New Customer

By applying for finance from Superloans, you agree to the following term

  • Superloans collects personal information in your finance application for the purposes mentioned in clause three below, and this information will be retained by Superloans.

Information collected is for the following purposes:

  1. To determine loan eligibility.
  2. Administering the loan.
  3. Enforcing payment and legal obligations.
  4. Providing information on Superloans' products and services.

Important Note: Failure to provide requested information may result in a declined finance application.

Recipient of Information:

  • The collected information may be shared with Superloans, its affiliated companies, credit reporting agencies (e.g., Centrix), and debt collection agencies.


  • You authorise collecting and releasing necessary information to any person deemed necessary by Superloans for the purposes mentioned in clause 3, including credit or fraud checks.

Access and Correction:

  • You can request access to and correction of your personal information held by Superloans.

Communication Consent:

  • You consent to receive text messages, emails, or other electronic communications from Superloans regarding its products and services, even if you don't have a current loan.

Recording Communication:

  • You acknowledge that communications with Superloans may be recorded.

Access to Personal Credit Information:

  • You can access your personal credit information from Centrix and request corrections if needed. Visit Centrix online or write to Centrix NZ at PO Box 62512, Auckland 1546.

Credit Reporting Authorization:

  • You authorize any credit reporting agency to list your information and allow Superloans to monitor your credit record regularly.

Driver's License Information:

  • Providing your driver's license number (or other identification numbers) to Superloans is voluntary, and you consent to Superloans disclosing it to Centrix and other third parties for processing your credit application.

Warranties and Undertakings:

  • You warrant that the information in your loan application is accurate and complete.
  • You confirm that you have no official documents in NZ or any other country with a different name, form of name, or date of birth.
  • You certify that you are over 18 years old, not an undischarged bankrupt, and not subject to proceedings under the Insolvency Act 2006 and its amendments.

Free Loan

Our Free Loan Scheme
Our Free Loan scheme allows new customers to receive their first loan with no interest or fees, subject to the following terms and conditions:


Loan Amount:

  • The maximum loan amount is $500, but the specific amount offered is at our sole discretion.

Pawn Loan Requirements:

  • For a Pawn Loan, the item used for security cannot have been used previously.

Exclusion Rights:

  • We reserve the right to exclude any person from the free loan scheme if we believe that you are not acting in good faith but are trying to benefit by abusing the terms or spirit of the free loan scheme.

Exclusion Process:

  • If we decide to exclude you, we are not obligated to explain, and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Suspension or Voiding:

  • We can suspend or void the free loan scheme at any time for any reason we think is appropriate. Any liability we have to you will end when we notify you of the suspension or voiding of the scheme.

Refer Rewards

Our Refer Rewards scheme allows customers to receive cash rewards for referring new customers to us, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Referral Eligibility:

  • The person being referred must be a new customer who has never taken out a loan from the Superloans Group.

Reward Payment:

  • The reward is paid in cash over the counter, subject to clause 3 below.

Payment Timing:

  • The timing of the payment depends on the credit score of the person being referred:
    • Low credit score - Paid when the loan is repaid in full.
    • Good credit score - Paid when the loan is advanced.

Loan in Collections:

  • In the event of a loan in collections with a reward due at the completion of the loan, that reward is forfeited, and you may be excluded from participating in the Refer Rewards scheme at our discretion.

No Combination with Promotions:

  • The Refer Reward scheme cannot be used alongside any other Superloans promotion.

Exclusion Rights:

  • We can exclude applicants from the Refer Rewards Scheme if we feel the referrals have not been made in good faith and/or benefit by abusing the terms of the scheme. If we decide to exclude you, we are not obligated to explain, and further correspondence will not be entered into.

Suspension or Voiding:

  • We can suspend or void the Refer Reward scheme for any reason we deem appropriate. Our liability to you will end when we notify you of the suspension or voiding of the scheme.

Reward Amount:

  • The amount you receive depends on the loan type:
    • Express Loan - $50
    • Pawn Loan - $20

Additional Terms:

  • Standard Superloans terms and conditions also apply.