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Bad Credit history - no problems!

Do you have a bad credit history? At Superloans, we understand that for one reason or another people can end up with a bad credit score.

It isn’t the end of the world

Everyone has had challenges managing their finances at least at one point in their lives. Things like missing payments, bankruptcy, or defaulting on loans can hurt your credit score and give you a poor credit rating. However, it doesn’t actually reflect your ability to pay back a loan. It’s not fair when something that could have happened years ago can continue to impact on you today. Your credit history can impact on your ability to get the loan you need from a bank, or it can mean interest, or conditions, on loans from other lenders make it too difficult to make payments.

You have options!

At Superloans we look at the whole picture, not just your credit rating. Our bad credit lending process could mean we can arrange something for you. Our Express Loan or a Pawn Loan could be just what you are after. And if it’s your first time borrowing from Superloans, and you want to borrow less than $500, it could be free of interest and fees! Find out more here!

Come in and see our friendly staff and in just 15 minutes you could walk out with the cash you need.

Loans with bad credit

Uh-oh, caught short on a repayment?

We know that things can come up from time to time, so for whatever reason, if you think you can’t make a repayment on payday then contact us to help work out a solution.

Credit rating

You're on your way to a better credit rating

Once you've paid back your loan we complete a positive credit reporting and this helps to improve your overall credit score. Win-win!


We make it easy to apply for a cash loan. Work through our simple seven steps below to get started.
If you can answer YES to all the questions below, we're ready to go!


Do you earn at least $300 income per week from salary, wages, and benefits after tax?


Is your income direct credited into your account?


Can you supply a phone number for yourself and alternative phone numbers for people not living with you? Like a family member, a partner, or friends.


Have you got proof of your address? For example, a letter addressed to you from your bank or a government department like WINZ, Housing NZ, or NZ Transport Agency.


Do you have internet banking? If you don't currently have this, we can work with you to set it up.


Have you got photo ID, like your driver's licence, passport, 18+ card with a birth certificate, or firearms licence?


If you've been employed more than 90 days, have you got your last two payslips?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then start your application!

Ok, that was easy, where to from here?

Many of our customers have had poor credit score and come to us seeking payday loans. Our awesome team work through the real issues to get results for our customers. Plus, with every loan you pay off with us, we can help you turn your credit rating around!


After going through the seven steps above, APPLY NOW or come into one of our branches where we have kiosks available to help with this process.


You can also use one of our kiosks to print the last 90 days of your bank statements. This will give us all we need to complete our loan evaluation.

Then we're down to the details!


Once we approve your loan, we discuss how much you can borrow and the length of the loan. We’ll work with you so repayments are in step with your pay and match your capacity to repay.  We will help you to make your repayments predictable and pain free.


Then we draw up a loan agreement with a direct debit authority. Our team will talk you through the agreement, explaining everything in plain english. If you're happy to go ahead, we both sign the agreement.

Almost there!


Once we have an agreement, we hand you the cash. It's as simple as that.

Build a Super Score!

Every time you make a payment on time, you get points added to your Superloans Super Score!

As your Super Score grows, you can start to unlock benefits like increased credit limits and lower interest rates on future loans. Find out more here!

Super Score - more cash less interest

Need help with budgeting?

At Superloans, we understand that sometimes all we need is a helping hand to learn how to manage our money a bit better. We are committed to helping people on that journey. Please have a chat with our team about their best tips for budgeting - they have some fantastic experience and they all really enjoy helping our clients. Also, check out the handy resources on our Budget Advice page.

Do you know your credit rating?

If you're interested in knowing what your credit rating is, it's free to find out. Visit

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