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Superloans Bad Credit Loan

Are you looking for a reliable financial solution but concerned about your credit history? Look no further than Superloans. We offer specialised lending options for people with bad credit, utilising our proprietary credit scoring system, Superscore, which allows us to provide tailored Express Personal Loan or Pawn Loan solutions.

Bad Credit Loan Benefits 

New customers can choose between the Bad Credit Express Personal Loan or Pawn Loan, and both options benefit from a First Loan Free Offer.  Furthermore, each loan comes with its own unique set of benefits.

Pawn Loan

Rapid Funding: Get immediate funds with cash in your hand.
Asset-Backed Financing: Your pawn loan is secured by your assets, not your credit score.
Choose Payback Period: Settle your loan at any point during the 90-day term.

Express Loan

Flexible Terms: Tailored to fit your unique financial needs.
Quick Decision: Receive a loan verdict on the same day you apply.
Zero Collateral: Secure an unsecured loan without risking your assets.
Immediate Access: Access your funds right away once approved.


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Higher Loan Limits: Access more funds as your Superscore increases.
Lower Rates: An increased Superscore means paying less in interest.
Credit Score Boost: On-time repayments fix your external credit score.

Bad Credit Loan FAQs

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Explore in depth answers to your bad credit loan questions with our comprehensivere FAQs

Are you ready to discover your path to a better credit score?