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What to Know When Applying for Your First Loan

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24 APRIL 2019

What to Know When Applying for Your First Loan 

The burdens of day-to-day living can get a bit too heavy – we’ve all been there. As responsibilities stack up and you find yourselves with more obligations and face nasty financial surprises, it’s natural to go find opportunities that will help you out financially, such as applying for a loan.

Getting a loan can be an exciting prospect – it helps you manage your spending and support you during those tough situations. At the same time, it can also be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know the basics or considerations in applying for your first loan. It’s important to note that age is not the only factor measured when you’re applying for your first loan. If you want to get your first fast cash loan, it takes responsibility, consistency, and a good credit score, among other things – which we discuss below.

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Here’s what you should know when applying for your first loan

1. You will need official identification

Lenders will look for certain requirements such as your driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate to make sure you qualify for a loan. They will also ask proof of address from your bank or a government department to profile you and efficiently process your loan application.

2. Lenders will check your income

Your monthly/weekly income plays a substantial role in determining the maximum amount you can borrow. It also determines whether or not your salary (after taxes) qualifies you for a loan in the first place. If you have a stable source of income and the required amount of earnings after taxes and monthly payment obligations, it pretty much tells lenders that you are capable of paying off what you’ve loaned.

3. They’ll want employer contact information

Along with your proof of income, lenders may also want to ask for your current employer’s contact information as a reference to verify income and employment. This process comes as no surprise especially to responsible lenders who need to cross-check before they approve loans.

4. They will check your credit score

Having a good credit score will enable you to easily apply for additional loans in the future. In turn, it will supply you with additional positive credit reporting. It is important to build and establish a good credit history for future loans to get lower interest rates.

5. Watch out for hidden fees

Hidden fees only become an issue when lenders do not properly indicate these charges in the loan document. Make sure to ask about the fees associated with your loan and avoid hidden charges that may put you into trouble and much larger debt.

Choose a trusted lender for your first loan

Be it fast cash or a no credit check loan, applying for your first loan is kind of a big deal! Going to a lender whom you can trust is a non-negotiable when it comes to applying, so it’s important to look for a flexible lender partner who will help you maximise your available options.

Look for an open, transparent, and communicative lender that makes sure to explain and help you understand all terms and conditions of your loan agreement. Choose a responsible lender who will help you build your credit score and remind you on your payment due dates.

Ready to apply for your first loan?

Here at Superloans, we pride ourselves on solution-based lending. Offering clients transparent relationships and flexible terms, we want to make sure that things change after you walk out the door. Before you apply for your first loan, check out our FAQ page for more detailed information and what you need to know. Not only that, your first loan could be free!

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