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Our Responsible Lending Guidelines

At Superloans, we work with you to ensure you never borrow more than you can afford to pay back

Our commitment to you

Whether you are taking out your first, interest-free loan, or an express, short-term loan, we evaluate your financial situation, to best understand what you can afford.

This means understanding your financial history, and working with you to find out what you can definitely expect to pay back, without overstretching and making your financial situation unsustainable.

We're responsible

As a responsible lender, we follow procedures and policies that ensure our loans are practical and affordable. This means safeguarding the ability of each borrower to pay back the loan they take from us, including appropriate interest and fees. Superloans is committed to responsible lending. That’s why we lend to people who can demonstrate that they can afford to repay their loans without creating a financial burden.

We make sure you understand

Our staff will talk you through the agreement for the loan. We’ll explain how fees and interest are calculated and how repayments will work. We explain what happens if you don’t hold up your end of the agreement. If you have questions, big or small, we work through them with you. Only once you understand do we make the loan agreement for you to sign.

If your circumstances change

Responsible lending is also understanding that sometimes things can change after you walk out the door. It is important that you talk to us when this happens as early as possible. We have a hardship process that we can work through with you.

We evaluate your situation

Whether you are applying for your first cash loan or your fifth, we’ll evaluate your financial position to ensure you’re able to manage your money. This is part of our commitment as responsible NZ lenders. 

Budget Advice

Part of lending responsibly is providing free budgeting help, so you can stay on top of your financial matters.

Our staff are awesome!

Responsible lending is about helping people on their journey toward financial sustainability. Our staff have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in helping people understand their budgets. Please talk to our team about their best budgeting tips – we enjoy helping our clients through their issues, and getting them to a position of financial stability!

More free help

Additionally, there are several non-profit organisations that can help you with budgeting advice. They can work with you to help you understand your finances and get control over your expenses. We suggest looking at the information on the Citizens Advice Bureau website to start.

Citizens Advice Bureau Consumer Protection Sorted

Hardship Assistance

We can assist you with hardship

At Superloans, we know that life isn’t always simple – sometimes things happen that are out of your control, which can then impact your ability to make repayments. As a follower of responsible NZ lending guidelines, we are able to make allowances in situations of unforeseen hardship so that we can help you through it.

What is Hardship?

Personal hardship can take many forms. For example, you may suffer hardship when your job or income status changes. You may get injured or suffer an illness, or experience the end of a relationship which affects your financial situation. Often, these are out of your control and can’t be predicted.

Don’t delay, please contact us

The sooner you contact us and apply for hardship assistance, the greater help we can be. If you think you won’t be able to make your regular repayment, we’ll work with you to get the best solution.

How we can help

There are several ways we can help you if your application is approved. We can:

  • Extend the loan term and reduce the amount of each payment to make it more manageable.
  • Postpone payments for a specified period or adjust the dates payments are due.
  • Offer a combination of these option 

Where we can't help

There are some circumstances where your Hardship application may not be approved.

If you have:

  • Failed to make four or more consecutive payments.
  • Been in arrears for two or more months.
  • Made a hardship assistance application within the last four months.


We want to hear from you!

If you’d like to contact us to tell us about something - good or bad - that you experienced with our staff or services, then we want to hear from you.

We take any and all feedback on board so please get in touch. We’ll make sure your message gets to the right person.

You can contact us by:

Resolving your complaint

We take complaints seriously
If you have a complaint to report, please contact the Superloans branch where you took out your loan and talk it through with the manager. The manager will investigate the issue and deal with you directly to try to resolve the issue raised.

If we’re unable to resolve your complaint
If you can’t reach a resolution with the manager you can contact the Financial Dispute Resolution Service (FDRS) and they'll assist you with a resolution.

Financial Dispute Resolution Service
0508 337 337

How to make a complaint with FDRS.

Superloans is a financial service provider that's registered with the New Zealand Government (FSP94021).

Report Stolen Goods

We work with the NZ Police

Superloans works closely with the NZ Police to try to stop stolen goods from being pawned in our stores.

What you need to do

If you have been a victim of a burglary, please don’t try to contact the stores directly. We have a stolen goods register which alerts all of our stores when new items are added.

Get the details to us as soon as you can. If an item is presented to pawn that our staff recognise from our stolen goods register, they will contact the Police immediately, and most times the person presenting it will be apprehended in-store.

Report your stolen goods here

Please include the following:

  • ­A detailed description of each item
  • Serial numbers if applicable
  • Photos of the items
  • The Police report number

It might take time

But don’t worry, if you don’t hear anything straight away. We store all pawned items for four months before being on-sold. Police routinely check our loan database so if we have pawned a stolen item there is a good chance it will be identified within that timeframe.

If the Police notify us of any stolen items, they provide us with a hold notice, and we provide them with the customer file of the person who brought it in for them to investigate.

Please note - If you are informed we have an item stolen from you in one of our stores, the Police need  to collect it and return it to you. You cannot come into the store and collect it yourself. 

Register with SNAP

The police have an initiative we support strongly called Snap (Serial Number Action Partnership), we encourage everyone to use this excellent initiative.