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Let Us Know What's Missing

Superloans is committed to preventing the pawning of missing items in our stores by working closely with the NZ Police. We aim to help victims of theft and safeguard our communities.

What You Should Do

In the unfortunate event of a burglary, please avoid contacting our stores directly. Instead, we encourage you to use our dedicated missing items register, which alerts all our branches as soon as new information is provided.

What We Do

Our staff, trained to recognise items from our missing goods register, will notify the Police immediately if such items are presented for pawning. This often leads to the apprehension of the individual at our premises.

When reporting, please include

A detailed description of each item
Serial numbers, if available
Photos of the items
The Police report number
Your location, specifying Wellington or Hawke's Bay

Send the details to 

Processing Time

It's important to note that responses may not be immediate. All pawned items are stored for four months before resale. The Police regularly check our loan database, increasing the likelihood of identifying any missing items within this period. If the Police find a missing item in our inventory, they will issue a hold notice, and we'll provide them with the relevant customer file for further investigation.

Retrieving Your Property

Should the Police confirm that an item in our possession is yours, they will facilitate its return to you. You cannot collect the item directly from our store for security and procedural reasons.

Recording Serial Numbers

We highly recommend recording the serial numbers of your valuables. This practice significantly increases the chances of being reunited with your property. Consider taking photos of serial numbers and unique features using a smartphone, or save these details on a cloud storage site for easy access if needed.