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Bad credit? Superscore can help you get out

Superloans’ Superscore rewards you in more ways than one - helping you to build your credit score inside of Superloans, and repairing your credit history outside.

How does Superscore work?

Each time you make a repayment toward your Express loan, or fully pay off your Pawn Loan, you’ll get Superscore points. Over time, your Superscore will increase, giving you access to lower interest rates on future loans and higher credit limits. Best of all though, each repayment you make will help you repair your bad credit history.

At Superloans we love to reward our customers, and encourage positive financial habits! When you borrow money from Superloans, we build your Superscore - not just as you get closer to paying off your loan, but as you make repayments, too.

We want to help you repair your credit by helping you build good habits - improving credit begins with you. Our Superscore is intended to help you build positive financial habits while unlocking increased credit limits and lower interest rates on future loans with us.

Interested in repairing your credit?

Talk to our team today about how Superloans can get you back on track financially, and how our Superscore can build good credit, inside and outside of Superloans.

How Superscore helps to repair your credit rating

By now you may realise there is a difference between Superscore and your credit rating. Superscore is your rating inside of Superloans - basically, your ability to repay loans. When you repay on time we boost your Superscore - it’s really simple! And once you start making repayments on our Express Loans, we pass on your positive credit history to Centrix.

Every two weeks, we send positive credit reporting to Centrix (they hold credit rating information for you), showing that you’re making repayments and proving you’re meeting our credit terms. This means when you’re making repayments on your Express loan with us, you’re not only improving your Superscore, but you’re also repairing your credit rating outside of Superloans, making it easier for you to eventually use credit services from other places, like banks or finance companies.

So Superscore helps you in two ways: it secures lower interest rates and a higher credit limit with us while helping you improve your overall credit score. And if you’ve been struggling to repair your credit rating, Superscore can help you build positive and healthy habits with your money.

Super Score - improve your credit rating