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Are you facing challenges with a bad credit score? Superloans has the answer with Superscore, our unique and innovative credit rating feature that offers a unique approach to rebuilding and enhancing your bad credit score.

What is Superscore?

Superscore is a dynamic credit building tool that empowers you to repair your credit score, earning points with every Express Personal Loan repayment or Pawn Loan redemption. As your points increase, it leads to numerous benefits:


Increased Credit Limits: Demonstrating financial responsibility through Superscore results in higher borrowing limits.


Lower Interest Rates: A higher Superscore translates into reduced interest rates on future loans from Superloans.


External Credit Score Repair: Each Express Loan repayment positively influences your credit rating outside Superloans.


Improved Approval Rates: Proactive reporting increases your chances of loan approval.


Access to Better Rates: A more comprehensive credit report can lead to better borrowing rates.


Fairer Credit Assessment: By taking into account your positive financial habits, not just the negatives.

How Superscore Improves Your Credit Rating

We report your on-time repayments each month via comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) through our partnership with Centrix, NZ's leading credit bureau. CCR changes the game by including positive financial behaviours in your credit report, unlike traditional methods, focusing primarily on missed payments.

Superscore FAQs

Superloans | Superscore FAQ's

Check out our comprehensive FAQs for the answers.