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Superloans first-time clients can borrow up to $500 for Free! What you borrow is what you pay back. No tricks, gimmicks, interest, or hidden fees with a Free Loan tailored to suit your budget.  

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 Select the Free Loan option that best suits your financial needs with our Express Personal Loan or Pawn Loan, both of which offer unique benefits tailored to your individual circumstances.

Express Loan

Customisable Terms: Designed for your financial situation
Rapid Processing: Decision on your loan the same day of application.
No Collateral: You don’t need your assets for an unsecured loan.
Fast Funding: Obtain your funds immediately after your short-term Free Loan is approved.

Pawn Loan

Quick Cash Loan: Receive instant finance with cash in hand in as little as 15 minutes!
No Credit Checks: Your asset secures the Pawn Loan, not your credit history
Flexible Term: You choose when you repay it anytime within the three-month term.

Are you ready to dive into a hassle-free application process?

Free Loan FAQs

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Navigate through our FAQs for insights into our straightforward Free Loan options

Additional Free Loan Benefits

The Free Loan comes with great benefits for easy loan management with the My Superloans app and Superscore to improve your financial situation.


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Our custom credit scoring system uses CCR to boost your credit rating over time while rewarding you with lower interest rates and higher credit limits.

My Superloans App

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Managing your loan is easy with our straightforward app. Check your loan balance, remaining payments & statements, make payments and apply for new loans or top-ups.

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