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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Out A Free Loan

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11 FEBRUARY 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Out A Free Loan

They say that there is no such thing as free money – but for Superloans first time customers we think we have something pretty close! If you are borrowing money for the first time from us, your first loan could be free! That means no interest, and no fees, for up to $500.

Before you jump in, why should you consider taking out an interest-free loan with Superloans?

It’s interest-and-fees free

So… it is not quite free money. You’ll still need to pay it back, according to a schedule we agree on. But an interest-free loan with Superloans is almost the closest thing. With no interest or fees, you’ll be saving money, in comparison with a traditional personal loan or credit card.

You can build a good relationship with managing debt

Managing debt is an important part of everyday life. Often debt is unavoidable and often debt is costly. Getting a good handle on how to manage repayments with your income can help you tremendously down the line.

Build (or rebuild) your credit score

When you pay back your loan promptly, on-time, you build a positive credit score. An interest-free cash loan with Superloans is a great first step to building (or rebuilding) your credit score. With a good credit score comes cheap credit – essentially, the better your relationship is to debtors, the less borrowing money costs. (And if you have bad credit history – we offer bad credit loans that can help you out when you need it most).

This can be especially crucial for when it comes to securing a mortgage or a financing a car purchase at a good rate. Likewise, the best credit card interest rates are reserved for those who have the best credit card scores.

Avoid a costly bill blowout or late payment penalty

Sometimes, you need cash fast. An interest-free personal loan may be a crucial step in avoiding a heavier financial burden. We know that all sorts of services impose fees for late payments – it’s a normal part of borrowing money or accessing vital services like power or internet. However, late payment penalties can quickly add up, making these crucial services even more expensive.

You deserve a break!

Sometimes, we need a vacation. Our bones are yearning for time off – time to recover, relax and recuperate. Sometimes, the pressures of life can get too much – be it kids and family, or niggly mental health struggles - and a little bit of money (and an understanding boss) can really help.

Holidays don’t need to be big spectacles – sometimes the best ones are the ones that realign our minds and help ourselves recover. For $500 (the maximum amount our interest and fee free loan extends too), you could have a brilliant weekend at an Airbnb or a luxurious camping trip (we LOVE the DoC campsites!).

If you had $500 what would you spend it on?

When it comes to borrowing money, Superloans is the best choice. We understand how complex and messy financial situations can get – that’s why we offer our first personal loan free. Learn more about the loans we offer here, and feel free to contact our friendly team with any questions you may have.

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