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11 FEBRUARY 2019

While the adage goes, "There's no such thing as a free lunch," at Superloans, we beg to differ—at least for our first-time customers. Your initial fast $500 loan comes without interest or fees. Yes, you heard that right—It's a Free Loan!

But why should you consider an interest-free loan from Superloans? Let's dive in:

Save More with No Interest or Fees
Unlike traditional loans or credit cards, our interest-and-fees-free loan puts money back into your pocket. It's the next best thing to free money, requiring only that you stick to our agreed repayment schedule.

Master Debt Management
Learning to juggle debt effectively is a crucial life skill. A free loan from Superloans can be your first step towards mastering debt management, setting you up for less costly borrowing in the future.

Improve Your Credit Score
On-time repayment of your loan avoids penalties and bolsters your credit score by utilising Superscore, our custom credit scoring system. Whether you're building or rebuilding your credit, this loan could pave the way to more affordable credit options in the future.

Dodge Costly Penalties
Life's unexpected expenses can hit hard. Our interest-free loan can be your financial lifesaver, helping you avoid the snowballing costs of late payment penalties on essential services.

You Deserve a Break
Everyone needs a little downtime. With up to $500 from our interest and fee-free loan, indulge in a refreshing weekend getaway or a serene camping trip. Sometimes, a small break is all it takes to realign your wellness.

What would $500 do for you?
At Superloans, we understand life's financial complexities. That's why we offer your first loan on the house. Discover more about our loan options, and don't hesitate to reach out to our supportive team with any inquiries or check our Free Loan FAQs.


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