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The My Superloans App is your ultimate partner for loan management. Experience seamless control over your finances, from tracking balances to making savvy decisions on new loans or top-ups.

Unlock a Smarter Way to Manage Your Loans


Express Loan Updates
Stay ahead with real-time insights on Express Loan balances, upcoming payments, and credit limits with always correct data.


Top-Up Notifications
Never miss an opportunity. Get alerted to top-up availability and optimise your financial strategy on the go.


In-Depth Loan Statements
Download detailed statements for a transparent overview of your Express Loan activities over the past year.


Hassle-Free Loan Applications
Dream big, act quickly. Apply for new loans or top-ups with just a few taps. Fast, simple, and totally at your fingertips.


Instant Pawn Loan Updates
Monitor your Pawn Loan balances and redemption dates effortlessly, ensuring you’re always in the loop.


Effortless Pawn Loan Extensions
Get the flexibility you need utilising Pawn Loan extensions, ensuring your valuables remain secure.


See Your Superscore Grow
Watch your Superscore climb as you make your repayments. Enjoy rewards like lower interest rates and increased credit limits.


Secure, Streamlined Payments
Our securely integrated platform is designed for simplicity and protection to ensure quick & easy transactions.

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Manage your Loans with My Superloans

Pawn Loans

See the time remaining on your Pawn Loans, and extend the term if you need more time.

Express Loans

View your balance, and keep on top of your upcoming payments. If you need more cash, you can easily see when you can top-up.

Making a payment

Quickly and securely make additional payments direct from your bank account.

Check out your Superscore

Watch your Superscore go up and your credit limit increase as you make your loan repayments.

Available on Desktop, Android and iOS

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