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The Three Biggest Benefits of Taking Out a Short-Term Loan

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21 MAY 2019

The Three Biggest Benefits of Taking Out a Short-Term Loan

Let’s face it – sometimes the unexpected happens. If you should find yourself in need of a little extra money as soon as possible, a short-term loan could be right for you. Short term loans are fast, simple, and repaid quickly, helping you get over an immediate financial hurdle and taking the stress out of sudden emergencies.

Short-term loans are unsecured loans with brief repayment plans. Whatever you may need some extra funds for, be it a sudden expense or an unexpected dip in your income, a short-term loan offers a variety of benefits that could make it more enticing than other financing options. Let’s jump right in and learn the 3 biggest benefits of short-term loans.

1. Fast approval, fast money

Given the simplicity of the terms and the typically low borrowing amount, short-term loans often come with the added benefit of fast access. Your short-term loan can be approved quickly so you can have cash in hand in no time. And because your loan is unsecured, collateral will not need to be presented or assessed, making the application process faster and simpler.

Fast approval and fast money mean you can handle your expenses quickly and continue moving forward.

2. Pay less interest

Short-term loans, because they are unsecured, often come with a little higher set interest rate as part of their loan terms. However, because you are paying back your loan in such a short span of time, that interest will have less time to accumulate, meaning that you’ll ultimately pay less in interest overall than you might have with a longer payment term.

Not only does a timely and fully paid short-term loan amount to less accumulated interest (if not redrawn upon “or topped up”), the prompt repayment of a loan can also have a positive effect on your  . As you know, a higher credit score can mean lower interest rates and better borrowing terms, so a short-term loan could have a positive impact on the interest rates of future loans as well!

3. Lower stress

Express loans with quick processing times, simple and flexible terms, and short repayment periods, are loans that keep your blood pressure to a minimum. One of the biggest benefits of a short-term loan is that they are predictable, which helps you avoid the stress of loan difficulties.

On the other hand, loans will longer repayment terms can feel like ghosts hanging over your head for years to come. If you’re not sure what your finances will look like in the near future, the unnecessary stress it can cause your life is something you probably don’t want.

What’s more, knowing that your loan will not be a burden for more than a few months (or even weeks) will give you added peace of mind that your loan itself won’t turn into a financial emergency. You can enjoy the comfort of knowing your rate was tailored specifically to you and your situation, giving you the added flexibility when it comes to building a plan for dealing with tricky financial emergencies.

Keep it simple with a short-term loan

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