Responsible Lending

We are committed to responsible lending and have strict guidelines to help us do so.

We'll never loan you more than you can afford

For new customers, the free loan amount is capped at 20% of your monthly income.


  • Weekly income - $400
  • Monthly income - $400 x 4 = $1,600
  • Free loan amount - $1,600 x 20% = $320

We make sure you can pay back what you want to borrow

We look at your banking history over 90 days and will only offer you a free loan once we are confident that you can pay it back without experiencing any hardship.

We make sure your loan payments are affordable

For new customers repayments are capped at 20% of your take-home pay.


  • Weekly income - $400
  • Repayments - $400 x 20% = $80
  • Maximum weekly repayment = $80

We make sure you understand your loan agreement

First, we discuss the amount of the loan and the way you'll repay it. Then, we prepare the loan agreement. We explain the terms and conditions, the fees, the total cost, and what happens if you don't keep up your payments.

We understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen

If your circumstances change suddenly, which may make it difficult to make your payments, you can apply for hardship assistance. The sooner you apply for assistance, the more likely we will be able to help you.

You will never pay more than what you have borrowed

We stop charging interest when the interest and fees equal the principal loan amount.

Resolving your complaint

If you have a complaint to report, in the first instance contact the Superloans store where you took out your loan and talk it through with the manager.

If we're unable to resolve your issue

If you can't reach a resolution with the manager, you can contact Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), and they'll assist you.

Financial Service Complaints Limited

0800 347 257

Superloans is a financial service provider that's registered with the New Zealand Government (FSP94021)