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Get rewarded with Superloans SUPER SCORE!

We love to reward our customers! That's why when you borrow from Superloans, as you make repayments, not only do you get closer to paying off your loan, but you'll also get points towards your Super Score!

As your Super Score grows you'll start to unlock increased credit limits and lower interest rates on future loans!

Super Score and your Express Loan

As your Express Loan Super Score grows, the maximum amount you can borrow and the interest rate on your Express Loan changes with it. The higher your Super Score, the more you can borrow and the lower your interest rate!

Earning points with your Express Loan
The number of points you earn each time you make a payment depends on how often you make your scheduled payments and the size of your loan.

For weekly payments, you get 25-50 points, for fortnightly you'll get 50-100 points and on monthly payments, you collect 100-200 points.

Increase your credit limit and reduce your interest rate on your Express Loan
As you earn more Super Score points, your Express Loan credit limit increases, while the interest rate charged decreases.

Here is an Express Loan example
A Customer with an Express Loan Super Score of 5000 points has an interest rate of 5% per week (260% apr) and a Maximum Loan of $5,000.

Losing your Express Loan points
As you would expect, if you miss a payment on your Express Loan, you'll lose points. The amount of points you lose each time you miss a payment depends on your loan repayment frequency.

Super Score and your Pawn Loan

As your Pawn Loan Super Score grows, you'll unlock better interest rates on future Pawn Loans. A Pawn Loan with Superloans has no fixed repayments, however, it must be paid back by the end of the three-month term, and the amount loaned depends on the agreed value of the item.

Earning points with your Pawn Loan
You earn 200 points for the full repayment of the Pawn Loan. You earn 100 points if you extend your loan for a month.

Lower your interest rates on your Pawn Loan
Each new Super Score level rewards you with a lower interest rate on your Pawn Loan.

Losing your Pawn Loan Super Score points
For your Pawn Loan, you will lose 200 points from your Super Score if your goods have to be sold on.