Express Loan

An unsecured instant cash loan against your income

You can borrow as little as $50 for a couple of days or as much as $5000 for up to 40 weeks.

And if you are a new customer, it’s FREE!

The advantages of the express loan are:

  • From the start to finish, it only takes 20 minutes
  • Walk out with CASH in your hand  (no overnight deposits or cheques)
  • Flexible loan terms. From 1 day up to 10 months (you decide)
  • No credit checks for loans under $500
  • Loans done against your income (no security required)

Can you answer ‘yes’ to everything in this checklist?

  • Do you earn at least $300 per week after tax? From salary, wages or benefit (can be combined)
  • Is your income (salary, wages or benefit) direct credited into your account?
  • Do you have internet banking (if you don't it only takes 5 minutes to organise simply phone your bank or call into your nearest branch)?
  • Have you got photo ID — your driver’s licence, passport, 18+ card with a birth certificate, or firearms licence?
  • If employed have you been with your employer for more than 90 days and have you got your last two payslips?
  • Can you give us proof of address — From your bank or a government department. E.g. WINZ, HOUSING NZ, LTNZ?
  • Can you supply a phone number for yourself and alternative phone numbers for people not living with you — a partner, family members, or friends?

Yes? Then you’re halfway there!

Apply now

Follow the five easy steps below to apply for your FREE LOAN.


Either apply online and return the required information via email or call into one of our branches with everything listed in the checklist above.


At our customer kiosk, fill in the easy application form (5 minutes). Then printout the last 90 days of your bank statements.


We check everything we need to.


Once we approve your loan, we discuss how much you can borrow and how long for.


We draw up a loan agreement with a direct debit authority. We talk you through the agreement, explaining everything. If you are happy to go ahead, we both sign the agreement.

We hand you the cash, and you walk out the door with a smile on your dial! We take care of the rest. You will only hear from us if you miss a payment or there’s a problem with your account.